I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing people who worked so hard with the Miss USA Pageant.  My daughter, Grace Palardy and I had a wonderful experience start to finish.  The kindness and generosity of all involved was instrumental for us in continuing with the process.

Although Grace did not win, she came home with an amazing gift.  She is so much more confident and comfortable with herself  it is almost tangible.   She learned so many important things that will be a beautiful part of her for the rest of her life; for that, I am so grateful.  

She told me she would consider being part of this pageant again.  She said the people working with the pageant always made her feel so welcomed.  Who knows maybe her identical twin, Jillian may want to join her.  

Thank you all so very much,

Debra J Palardy

Thank you for all your help during the Miss Rhode Island USA pageant. For being my first pageant, I was pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful time. 

Holly Tift
Miss Amity 2009 :)
Thank you for such a wonderful weekend, I truly enjoyed myself and the other delegates and I had a great time! I want to remember this weekend, and my parents do as well.

Thanks again,
Brittany Costa

The pageant was truly the most exciting experience for Ashley and her family. I keep thinking of them announcing her name as a finalist and I get the chills. She was disappointed of course that she did not make the top 5 but I told her she has everything to be proud of that she made the top 13 and this was her first time.

She must have impressed someone for that to happen. She did see Talia yesterday and Talia told her how beautiful she looked and to make sure she does it again next year because Talia herself was in the same shoes as Ashley was last year and look what happened this year. Again thanks for everything you were all wonderful.


Thank you so much for all of your effort to make this weekend possible. Allyson had so much fun and is looking forward to next years competition. Please be sure to mail us the info as soon as she can register. She was so proud of herself when she won the swimsuit award.


Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to compete in the Miss RI pageant over this past weekend. I had a great time, made some new friends and very much enjoyed all the staff. This has provided me with the inspiration to possibly try some other pageants.

Thanks again and who knows maybe you'll see me back again to make another attempt!

Mikayla Roberts


I did not want time to go by without extending to you and your staff my sincerest appreciation for all the care and concern you extended to Kelsey this weekend.  With all the details that needed to be attended to by the RI staff, I am so impressed that you never failed to addressed the needs of each of your delegates on such a personal level. 

I know that I am a paranoid parent....but was comforted knowing that she was in such kind hands.  I was so thrilled that, given how poorly she felt, and the fact that she was so not at her best, she still placed top 14.  How exciting!!  Please relay my thanks to the entire staff and volunteers that made this weekend so remarkable.  Everyone there should take a moment to recognize and revel in what an incredible and successful event they presented.  Please extend our congradulations to the new Rhode Island title holders.  We wish them a great year fulled with memorable events.

Dyanne Gibree


I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work this weekend. It was truly something I will remember for the rest of my life. My students were so proud and excited!

Everyone worked so hard and were so kind to us all. Thank you for giving me, my family, my friends, and my students such a wonderful memory. Best of luck to you all!

Best Wishes,
Aubrie Pascale


To all who helped make the 2005 Miss Rhode Island USA pageant possible, I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience I had during this year’s pageant. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind to me.

Before this pageant I had never done anything like this- and it was an incredible experience. Thank you again for an unforgettable weekend!

Claudia C. Ward


I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a fantastic pageant weekend. As a pageant veteran, I have completed in the USA system for 5 years. It seems fitting that in my final year of eligibility I finally had the opportunity to compete in the finals.

Although I did not walk away with the crown, I walked away a winner, with a life-changing experience that will stay with me forever. I thank you all for running such a professional and well organized program.

I am so excited for Alli, I think she will be a tremendous Miss Rhode Island USA. She was such a great friend during pageant weekend. You are so lucky to have such an amazing winner!

Shana Orczyk


Hello, this is Jacqueline Lang, a delegate from the pageant. I had to write and thank all of you for your hard work that contributed to my wonderful experience. I had the time of my life, and that wouldn’t have happened without the dedication and support that all you have showed me and the other delegates.

I made so many new friends, and I walked away with a non-finalist award in swimsuit and a modeling award! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be successful in a bathing suit competition! I also walked away with confidence, poise, and ambition.

I owe everyone who worked so hard in the pageant for my success. I wish Melissa Landry all the luck in the world at nationals and I will be cheering for her! I hope one day I can follow in her footsteps. Thanks for getting me that much closer to my dreams!!!

Love Always,


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