About Anea...

Anea was born in Providence, Rhode Island on November 21, 1994. She embraces her height and tan which derive from her Dominican and Native American Roots. Although born in Providence, Anea moved to Cranston, RI at the start of middle school where she began her studies in private Catholic Schooling. Anea played basketball all of middle school and carried on the sport in High School at, St. Mary's Academy Bay View. Anea loved playing basketball, she is convinced that playing a sport helps shape a person. Basketball taught her a lot about hard work, sportsmanship, commitment, coordination and most of all, staying in good physical shape! 

In addition to attending school and being involved in sports, Anea believed in the importance of taking part in ones community. She dedicated her free time volunteering at homeless shelters and working as a Youth Organizer at D.A.R.E (Direct Action for Rights and Equality), an organization located in South Side Providence dedicated to helping low income families. Anea was in charge of helping youth become more involved in social issues taking place in their community, mostly within the education system.

Anea has such a passion for helping others in need because she understands the importance of having a stable and loving support system. Growing up, Anea was not as fortunate to always have the benefit of a secure living environment. She knows firsthand the anxieties and hardships that kind of experience can mean for children. Anea is very thankful to her grandmother who adopted her at birth. She is thankful to have such an inspirational, caring, strong and independent women in her life. Anea remembers witnessing her grandmothers constant struggle and pain in doing what was necessary to be able to support her four children and her alone. Through it all her grandmother managed to teach her the value of perseverance, morals, integrity and determination! Her grandmothers perseverance and Anea's own ability to optimize what life has thrown at her, is why she wishes to focus on helping women and children living in poverty. 

In the fall 2013, Anea started her freshman year at Roger Williams University in Bristol on a full scholarship as an Intercultural Leadership Ambassador as a double major in Legal Studies and Philosophy. Her plan is to continue on to law school to pursue a career as a criminal attorney to promote justice! 

Anea attends school as a full time student and makes time to volunteer in her community at McAuley house, Providence homeless shelters and soup kitchens! As the new titleholder she hopes to bring more awareness to this social issue of women and children, who are the highest population living in poverty. 

Watch Anea as she proudly represents Rhode Island at the 2015 MISS USA® pageant, LIVE on NBC!


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