About Daescia...

Daescia DeMoranville (Daisy) 21, of Johnston Rhode Island is the newly crowned Miss Rhode Island USA 2018. The exciting pageant was held at The Vets on September 10, 2017; this was Daescia's first time competing in a pageant. She had considered competing for the title of Miss Rhode Island USA in the past but didn’t feel the timing was right for her; this year she decided to just go for it and apply. After being accepted, she started preparing for the pageant over the course of 5 months. Daescia went into the pageant knowing that in the end, there could only be one winner. Even though winning the title was the goal, there was so much more that she could gain from the pageant weekend. She left feeling more confident than ever and made a ton of life-long friends. After going through each portion of the pageant and hearing her name called for top 11, then top 5, she couldn’t believe she had made it this far in her first pageant! Finally, the first runner up was called, and it was not her name, she was now the new Miss Rhode Island USA 2018!

Daescia grew up in Providence and now lives in Johnston. She attended elementary, middle, high school, and now college in Providence. Daescia was a cheerleader for 8 years and moved onto coaching for another 2 years. During her 8 years of cheerleading she won 2 state champion awards, 1st place finalist, 2nd place finalist, an honorable mention award and an all-star award. While coaching, her girls won the state champion award, placed 1st at regionals, and went on to compete in Disneyland and placed 4th in nationals. Besides cheerleading, Daescia has always been the creative type which lead to her pursuing a degree/career in Baking and Pastry Arts. When she was younger she wanted to be a Veterinarian, but realized it was not for her. Daescia still has a great passion for animals and hopes to be a part of a rescue organization where she can play a role in saving animals lives who have not been raised in the healthiest situations. Along with that, she hopes to open her own bakery which will include treats for pets too!

With the help and support of her family and friends, Daescia was able to make the journey to the Miss Rhode Island USA pageant a fun experience and one that she will never forget. Daescia has always been shy and when introduced to new experiences and people she would be very nervous; she had no idea what to expect on pageant weekend. To her amazement, everyone was so nice and even though they were all competing for the same title, all the contestants helped each other and never let the idea of winning the title get in the way of how they treated each other. Daescia loves to express how much the pageant has changed her in a positive way and how it has built her confidence; she loves speaking to people about her experience during the Miss Rhode Island USA 2018 pageant. Throughout her reign she hopes to be able to get out into the community and speak about depression and suicide awareness; Daescia wants to spread light on the topic and help people who feel like their voices are not being heard. She loves taking on new challenges and never lets anything or anyone stop her from reaching her goals.

Daescia is very excited and ready to represent her small yet amazing state on the national Miss USA stage! She hopes to make Rhode Island proud!

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