About Christina...

Christina was born on October 31st, 1994 in her current hometown, Providence.  Her unique beauty comes from her Brazilian and Cape Verdean heritage.  Like many young people, Christina was not always comfortable about being different. Growing up in a town that lacked ethnic diversity, Christina felt that she stood out like a sore thumb… literally. She was always one of the tallest in her class, standing at 5' 11" today, with big curly hair that she constantly wished was straight. Today, Christina embraces her height, her hair and her remaining differences because she understands the importance of being true to oneself.  As Miss Rhode Island USA, she has been a role model and advocate, reaching out to young people struggling with issues of identity and belonging.

Christina is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island studying Elementary Education with a focus in Special Ed.  While at URI, Christina competed at the Division I level with the women’s volleyball team her freshman year. Christina was a walk on, with no guaranteed playing time or a scholarship.  She rose to the challenge, and with hard work and determination proved to the coaches and teammates that she could compete at that level. She ended up making her first collegiate kill against the number one team in the conference, and started as a middle blocker a few weeks after that.  Along with volleyball, Christina played basketball for ten years, softball for 3 and lacrosse for 2. She also played AAU basketball and club volleyball, traveling up and down the east coast competing against some of the best teams beyond her age group. 

Christina’s cause is helping “at risk youth.”  She has devoted her time to two organizations in particular, “Inspiring Minds of Rhode Island” and “Best Buddies.” Inspiring Minds of Rhode Island is a successful after school tutoring program, staffed by over 1,000 dedicated volunteers. Students are given the opportunity to have fun in a relaxed environment, and also discuss social problems or any other difficulties going on in their lives, while gaining the skills needed to achieve academic milestones.

Christina’s mother Patricia recently retired from the U.S, Navy.  Patricia raised Christina and her brother alone in Providence, though most of their relatives live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A strong independent woman, Patricia always instilled the importance of independence and self- confidence in her daughter.  Naturally, she has always been one of Christina’s most powerful role models. Christina is close to her brother Derek , who is currently serving in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Christina has a passion for writing and believes that it’s the perfect tool for her voice. She’s been writing for some time now, mostly poems, about issues close to her heart such as community and belonging, inner beauty, and the transformative power of education.

Christina competed in her first pageant, for the title of Miss Rhode Island USA, on September 8th, 2013 with the hope that she could get the chance to finally let her personality and her message come to the forefront. She accomplished her goal and will continue standing up for girls who doubt their beauty, and to be a voice for those who are overlooked.

Watch Christina as she proudly represents Rhode Island at the 2014 MISS USA® pageant on June 8th, LIVE on NBC from Baton Rouge River Center, Louisiana!


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